Scholarships and Leadership Incentives provided by the Manhattan Alumni

Beta Sigs have historically ranked well above the all university and all Greek GPA averages on the campuses where we reside. Several of our chapters have consistently been at the top of the Fraternity rankings on their campuses and all of our chapters consistently rank in the top quarter of all fraternities. The vast majority of our members are graduates from the colleges of Engineering, Science and Veterinary Medicine, which means that they face some of the most difficult challenges in school and yet still manage to rank high in grades. Over the past 92-year history of Beta Sigma Psi, 90 plus percent of our members have graduated, which is well above the all university average at all of the campuses where we are now located. Our fraternity places scholarship at the top of our priority list and our senior members make themselves available to assist new members with their studies and also to help them adjust to college life. Having a house full of brothers that are taking the same courses or that have already taken the same courses is a valuable resource to new students not often found in other student housing. Choosing Beta Sigma Psi is almost a guarantee for success for those that are serious about their education.

Because of the generosity of the Zeta Chapter Alumni for over 60 years and the pressing need for financial aid for undergraduate members, the Manhattan Alumni Chapter has instituted a wide-ranging program of Scholarships, Grants & Leadership Incentives which are available to all Active members that meet the minimum requirements. The awards are administered by a panel of 5 fraternity members, 1 Alumni Chapter Board member and 2 at large members, plus 2 undergrad Active members, the Scholarship Chairman and one other.

The Manhattan Alumni chapter of Beta Sigma Psi Lutheran fraternity awarded $11,100 in scholarships to 8 different students during the 2021–2022 school year, with an additional $3000 allocated as potential awards for new members in the Fall semester of 2022. Applicants will be evaluated on their scholastic achievement and active participation in their communities and churches. Beta Sigma Psi is founded on three “S’s”: Spiritual, Scholastic, and Social development. Beta Sigma Psi seeks to reward students exhibiting strength in these areas. The criteria used for evaluating candidates will be based on these qualities. Please fill out the above forms to be considered for our scholarships.

Request information about Beta Sigma Psi scholarships avaliable in the Zeta Chapter at Kansas State University!

Zeta Chapter
Jack Jantsch
(913) 999-4072

Zeta Chapter
Colin Batliner
(816) 550-4086

Manhattan Alumni Chapter
Laurel Davis
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Manhattan Alumni Chapter
Gary Raffety
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