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Is Beta Sigma Psi a church?

Certainly not. A Christian church is recognized by the preaching of the Gospel and the administration of the sacraments. Although the Gospel is conveyed by word and deed among the brothers of Beta Sigma Psi, the sacraments rightly have their place among the whole people of God, of which Beta Sigma Psi is only a section. Therefore, Beta Sigma Psi is not a church.

Do Beta Sigma Psi brothers drink alcohol?

Many Beta Sigma Psi chapters are dry, meaning alcohol is prohibited on the premises. Beta Sigma Psi men sign a promise to adhere to a National Risk Management Policy that includes abiding by state laws regarding alcohol. Finally our oath, reaffirmed at each chapter meeting, binds men to conduct themselves at all times as Christian gentlemen.

With so many brothers gathered in once place, will it effect my grades?

Beta Sigma Psi encourages high scholastic standards amongst it members. After all, associate and active members are in college to gain an education. The chapter offers a support structure the values and encourages academic excellence. This includes study tables, course mentors, and guest speakers on study strategies.

Are there any notable Beta Sigma Psi alumni?

The men of Beta Sigma Psi are successful men of Character, Conviction and Confidence. Prominent alumni include Governors, Senators, State Supreme Court Justices, Fortune 500 Executives and CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Broadcasters, and most importantly Pastors, Youth ministers and fathers.

Are Beta Sigma Psi brothers active in the Greek community?

Beta Sigma Psi is a member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, a trade association that governs and represents Greek organizations nationally. On campus our men participate in all aspects of Greek life: homecoming celebrations, philanthropies, intramural athletics, and group social functions.

Beta Sigma Psi is not represented at my school. Can I start a new chapter?

Beta Sigma Psi is currently looking to expand to Campuses that have ample support systems to guide an interest group toward becoming the next chapter of Beta Sigma Psi. Please contact our National Office and an Expansion Director will meet with your group and discuss the process and requirements.

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