Our History / The ΒΣΨ Beginnings

Beta Sigma Psi was founded on April 17, 1925 on the campus of the University of Illinois. Its prime mover was the Rev. Gustav Stiegemeyer who was campus pastor of the University Lutheran Chapel. Even though the pastor was a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the Fraternity has always been open to members of all Lutheran bodies. Today, the Fraternity has ten active chapters, and one colony, located in a 7-state central Midwest area.

Over the 95-year history of the Fraternity the growth has been sporadic, thanks in part to the Great Depression, World War II, and the turmoil of the Vietnam War and its effects on the campus community. Today Beta Sigma Psi is recognized as a very progressive fraternity. Currently we have the IFC President at the University of Indiana. Epsilon Chapter at Iowa State University was voted the top fraternity on campus in grades among all fraternities and sororities. At the University of Kansas, Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi is recognized as a leader in philanthropic activities, leadership training, and scholarship. In fact, Nu chapter just set the all-time highest fraternity GPA in the recorded history of KU Greek Life.

Beta Sigma Psi and its chapters categorize all of its activities under the three “S’s”. Spiritual, Scholastic and Social. The three “S’s” translate to Spiritually Based, Scholastically Superior, and Socially Responsible. Combined, the three S’s create leadership in service to Campus, Church and Community. We have over 8,000 living alumni who furnish leadership for their various communities throughout North America.

History of Zeta Chapter – Kansas State University

Zeta Chapter was chartered on March 4, 1951. From 1948 to 1951, the organization was known on campus as Syconia Club. Professor William Baehr, who went to Library School for an advance degree in the 20’s at the University of Illinois and who was very familiar with Beta Sigma Psi and Pastor Stiegemeyer, set about to set up a Concordia Club at K-State on February 28, 1940. However, his timing conflicted with the outbreak of World War II in December of that year. In the Spring semester, there were no able bodied men left on campus and the fledgling Club folded.

From it chartering in 1951, Beta Sigma Psi has been the beneficiary of tremendous growth on the K-State Campus. From 1951, in a house run by the owners, to a rented house in 1953, to the first purchased home in 1954 to a newly constructed Chapter Home in 1964, Zeta Chapter has lived up to the National objective and more. We have produced IFC (Inter-fraternity Council) Presidents, Student Body Presidents, Student Government Leaders, FMOC (Favorite Man on Campus), and served in many other leadership activities, such as Blue Key, Scabbard & Blade, and Greek Campus Intramural sports where we have excelled.

The current undergraduate membership is over 50 members. When you join Beta Sig, you join for life, and you receive publications and information about the National Fraternity as well as the local chapter for the balance of your life. There are no in-voluntary dues, just requests for voluntary dues to help meet expenses. The Zeta Chapter House is located at 1200 Centennial Drive in Manhattan, just ½ block east of the campus. Visitors are always welcome.

On June 30th, 2019, the Manhattan Alumni Chapter completed a 5-year Capital Fund Drive, whose goal was to raise $750,000 for Chapter Capital improvements and $250,000 for endowed funds to provide future scholarships for deserving undergrads. During the past 5 years, we completely refurbished our 50-year-old facility, adding a new roof, replacing old Windows with new energy efficient windows to the entire structure, remodeling our large living room, updating bathrooms and study rooms, in affect, making our structurally sound facility one of the finest on campus. We will complete this transformation within the next year with a complete redo of our yard landscaping. Once complete, our facilities will be among the best on campus.

Zeta Chapter
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Zeta Chapter
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Manhattan Alumni Chapter
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